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Jewelry Designer’s Financial Woes in Divorce Court

According to the New York Post, Barry Keiselstein-Cord’s third divorce is turning into a quite a battle. The jewelry designer’s second divorce was dubbed as the “fashion’s nastiest divorce” back in 1997. Now his third divorce may turn out to be even worse.

Karen Cord claims she is facing eviction from her Fifth Avenue apartment that she rents for $5,400 a month. Cord claims her ex is unable to meet a court-ordered monthly payment of $10,800 and may cost her the apartment. Barry Keiselstein-Cord claims he is broke. Karen Cord cannot pay her bills unless her ex sends in monthly checks. This is a different situation for the designer who in 2006 sold his Lexington Avenue home for $23 million.

Barry and Karen split up in August and moved out of their Park Avenue town house. Karen rented an apartment but expected the court to help her maintain the marital status quo. In her filings, Karen claimed she needed $35,000 a month in payments, with $5,000 going towards her clothes, $1,600 towards her psychotherapy, and $5,000 for her housekeepers and $3,000 for her personal grooming among other bills.

Karen’s divorce lawyer argues that Barry cannot be broke enough to ignore his bills because he spent $65,000 recently on an airfare and trip to Rome with a female companion.

Karen argues that she is five months behind in rent and faces eviction.

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