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Judge Denies Divorce to Same-Sex Nebraska City Couple

According to Nebraska City News, Nebraska District Judge, Randall Rehmeier, denied a divorce to a same-sex couple that married in 2003 in the state of Vermont.

The Nebraska City couple petitioned the court for a divorce but Judge Rehmeier disagreed, stating the state does not recognize the marriage. The judge cited the Nebraska Constitution, which limits marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Judge Rehmeier also stated he had no jurisdiction to dissolve the marriage. He cited the courts in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Texas and Rhode Island as coming to the same conclusion.

The plaintiff is a 37-year-old Nebraska City woman and her former partner; defendant is a 50-year-old Nebraska City woman. While the judge refused to dissolve the marriage, he did rule on issues of a parenting plan and child support. Both parties agreed to the said arrangements.

The plaintiff received custody of a four-year-old girl, her biological daughter. The defendant must pay child support of $200 a month and all day-care and pre-school expenses. The women agreed to share in health care expenses for the child.

The parenting plan includes both women spending time with the child, including weekend and holiday visitation for the defendant. The defendant’s divorce lawyer argued that his client formed a bond with the child and raised her as her own. Judge agreed that the defendant established a parenting relationship.

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