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Los Angeles Dodgers Ownership Divorce Case Hits a Delay

According to the Los Angeles Times, Frank McCourt and his ex-wife’s bitter divorce trial may not resume the next phase for another year. The trial is set to address the ownership of MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers.

McCourt’s divorce lawyer spoke about the delay, stating the case must wait in line with other family-law cases in Los Angeles Superior Court. In October, Judge Scott M. Gordon ruled that a 2004 postnuptial agreement is unenforceable. Frank McCourt argued the postnuptial document made him the sole owner of the Major League baseball team.

As the judge ruled against Frank McCourt, the couple’s case moves into a phase of dealing with joint assets, the baseball team included.

Frank McCourt must present evidence on all assets owned 40 years ago, before the couple married, which is what he says he used to purchase the baseball team.

The couple signed a postnuptial agreement when they moved from Boston to Los Angeles. The acquisition of the Dodgers went through in 2004, costing around $421 million. McCourt’s lawyers claim she is entitled to half of the team’s value, which is at least $500 million excluding the debt. McCourt’s lawyers want her half bought out for at least $250 million, something Frank McCourt is desperately trying to avoid paying for. In his original court filing, McCourt’s lawyer made a mistake of listing the Dodgers as a joint asset. It seems the faulty agreement filed in the courts could cost McCourt the ownership. He has since severed ties with the law firm responsible for the error, filing separate documents listing him as the sole owner of the team.

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