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Olivia Wilde Separates from Italian Prince Husband

It is unfortunate to see another marriage end in divorce but in Hollywood, this is all too common. According to MTV, Olivia Wilde, star of high-profile movies like “Tron Legacy” and small-screen parts like “House M.D.” announced that she is divorcing her husband, Tao Ruspoli. The couple had been married for eight years and the decision to divorce appears to be mutual.

Wilde, 26, married Ruspoli when she was 18. Ruspoli is an Italian prince; his family owns Rome’s Palazzo Ruspoli, a popular sightseeing spot featuring a museum and gallery in Rome, Italy. The couple married in secret on an abandoned school bus, during a period of time when the couple lived as hippies. Ruspoli is an accomplished documentary filmmaker and flamenco guitar player.

The couple reportedly separated months ago due to hectic schedules and inability to spend time together due to busy schedules. The couple simply grew apart, report sources.

Wilde married her prince when she was only 18 years old, and the couple made best efforts to keep their romance quiet yet strong. Eight years in Hollywood seems like an eternity, especially when this couple eloped six months after meeting. Wilde’s career is heating up with bigger, sexier and more prominent movie roles. It is unfortunate to see her personal life not succeed as good as her movie star career. It is unclear where the couple will file for a divorce petition or if there is a pre-nup agreement.

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