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Parents’ Divorce May Increase Suicidal Thoughts Years Later

According to a University of Toronto research group, adults who were children when their parents divorced are more likely to have suicidal thoughts than adults who grew up in whole families. The research group looked at 6,647 adults, including 39 who were younger than 18 at the time their parents divorced.

The study also found that men were at a higher risk than women were. Men whose parents divorced when they were children were three times more likely to have thoughts of suicide or to seriously consider suicidal ideation than other men were.

The connection between divorce and suicidal thoughts was particularly strong for men who grew up in families with physical abuse, parental addiction or parental unemployment. Even without childhood stressors, adult men who were children when their parents divorced had a twofold increase of suicidal thoughts compared to men from whole families.

The journal Psychiatry Research published the study and its findings suggest the pathways linking parental divorce to suicidal ideation are different between genders. The association between parental divorce and suicidal thoughts is unexpectedly strong in men, while females were not particularly vulnerable to suicidal ideation. The study warns that it is not a warning to adults considering divorce and that it no way suggests that children of divorced parents will grow up to commit suicide.

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