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Parker Schenecker Files for Divorce

According to People Magazine, Parker Scheneker is filing for divorce from his wife, Julie, who stands accused of killing their teenage son and daughter in their Florida home. Schenecker announced that he made a visit to a Florida jail where is wife is held on two counts of first-degree murder charges. This was the first time Parker met with Julie since the death of their children.

According to his statement to the media, Parker found the meeting emotional and productive. The once happy couple discussed numerous topics and talked about the outpouring of love from their community, and many people honoring and remembering Calyx and Beau Schenecker. Parker found it important to tell his wife in person his intentions to divorce. Parker states he feels divorce is the first step to moving on with his life and that he spends to spend the rest of his life honoring the memory of his two children.

Julie Schenecker allegedly killed the couple’s two children, Calyx and Beau, on January 27, and confessed to local authorities that she killed her children for being “mouthy.” Beau, 13, and Calyx, 16, were with their mother at the time of the alleged incident, as their father was overseas on military duty.
According to police reports, Schenecker allegedly shot Beau in the family’s vehicle after soccer practice and Calyx in the home, while she was doing homework on her computer.

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