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Steve Harvey and Ex-Wife Continue to Battle After Divorce

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife is speaking out and sharing explosive claims with any media source that will listen. According to Inside Edition, Mary Harvey claims her ex-husband has bullied her in court for years and even tried to jail her.

Mary Harvey feels bullied by Steve, his legal team and his celebrity camp. She claims she is living fear and that her ex bullied her in the court of Texas. Mary and Steve divorced in 2005, so why are they still battling things out in the court system?

Steve Harvey filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife alleging she interfered with Oprah giving Steve a TV deal. Oprah’s new TV network, OWN, is home of stars such as Gayle King, Lisa Ling and Dr. Oz, all who received TV deals from Oprah. According to Mary Harvey, her ex is asking the courts to fine or jail her for her interference with his future earnings.

Harvey states her main gripe with her ex-husband is that she does not see her son. Mary explained she has seen her son once in less than a year. Mary filed for divorce from Steve due to his infidelities, including an affair with his current wife, Margery.

Mary Harvey posted a series of YouTube rants against her ex-husband and her experience with and post their divorce. In one interview with a morning radio show, Harvey described her ordeal as emotional rape. She further unleashed her attacks against Harvey by telling another magazine source that taking advice from Steve Harvey on relationships is idiotic. Harvey claims her ex-husband is a master manipulator of women.

Steve Harvey’s current wife released a statement that she felt a shock by Steve’s ex-wife Mary’s comments and YouTube videos.

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