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Study Finds Recession Affects Marriages in America

According to the Washington Post, University of Virginia researchers are finding that Americans that do not have a college degree have suffered the most during the recent recession, especially when it came to their marriages.

The university’s Survey of Marital Generosity is a part of their National Marriage Project which surveyed 1,197 married Americans. It found that 29 percent of married couples had financial stress through 2007 and into 2009. When comparing married couples with degrees to those without; the survey found that those without suffered a minimum of one type of economic hardship. Uneducated couples were also prone to a higher chance of divorce than their college-educated counterparts.

However, the survey also found that approximately one-third of married couples felt that the recession caused them to become more committed to their marriage. In fact, 38 percent of couples who had been considering divorce just prior to the recession had put divorce on hold.

Additional outside data supports this information, as divorce rates fell during the recession. Researchers theorized that this drop is likely due to couples being unable to afford the costs of divorce due to the economic downturn.

Speaking for the Council on Contemporary Families, the director of research and public education Stephanie Coontz adds that while this may seem like good news, it isn’t. She states that following the last major depression (the Great Depression,) there was “an increase in domestic violence, heavy drinking … [and] daily contempt or resentment between married couples.

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