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Supreme Court Should Hear Same-Sex Divorce Case, Say Wyoming Legislators

According to The Billings Gazette, Lusk, Wyoming couple Paula Christiansen and Victoria Lee Christiansen were married in Canada in 2006. Now, the couple wants a divorce but the Supreme Court in the state of Wyoming seems to be ignoring their request.

House Speaker Ed Buchanan and twelve additional state legislators wish to file a “friend of the court” brief regarding the same-sex divorce case.

Wyoming laws are somewhat contradictory: the Wyoming statue declares marriage as a legal contract between a man and a woman, while state law does recognize any marriages that were entered into outside of Wyoming.

According to Buchanan, correcting the inconsistent statutes and creating a clear definition of marriage have been put off for years by the state Legislature. Adding, he “knew the day would come” when the inconsistencies would be challenged.

Chairman of Wyoming Equality, Joe Corrigan, wonders “how civilized people end contracts if they’re denied use of the courts and left in limbo.”

Meanwhile, executive direction of the Equality State Policy Center, Dan Neal, states that it is a “sad day when the legislators feel they can get involved in somebody else’s divorce case.”

A local attorney noted that no one is preventing the Christiansens from returning to Canada to file for their divorce. “As far as Wyoming is concerned, they’re not married anyway, so they don’t need a divorce,” he claims.

Both Paula Christiansen and Victoria Lee Christiansen are seeking the same legal result, but as of now, it is unclear how the Wyoming courts will proceed.

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