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Wheel of Fortune Divorce Keeps Man from Show’s Winnings

According to the Huffington Post, a couple faces a bitter divorce battle over “Wheel of Fortune” winnings. Scott Dole scored a jackpot of $51,600 on the popular gaming show. More than a year later, he has not seen a dime of his big winnings. Dole’s wife filed for divorce before he taped the show but claims she has the right to half of his winnings.

Carrie Dole filed for divorce in March 2008 in Clark County Superior Court. The couple reconciled months later and his wife encouraged Dole to audition for “Wheel of Fortune” during open casting calls in Portland. Dole received acceptance letter weeks later, telling him the show would feature him on Pet Lovers Week. Dole filmed the episode in October 2009; coincidentally the couple started arguing around the same time and did not even speak on the day of filming. Carrie Dole congratulated his husband on the show and the couple appeared happy on television.

A month later, Dole moved out and renewed her divorce petition for dissolution of marriage. However, she made a filing that the “Wheel of Fortune” winning remain in an escrow account pending the courts decision on their divorce. After taxes, the amount comes out to $46,988.

Scott Dole’s divorce lawyer argued the winnings are separate property while Carrie Dole’s attorney disputes this argument as the couple reconciled during that time, making those winnings community property.

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