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According to Study, Men Desire Commitment and Marriage

According to the Huffington Post, a recent Match.com study showed today’s men seem to want marriage more than today’s women.

The survey interviewed more than 5,000 people aged 21 and up who were not married or committed to a relationship in any way. The study found that men were “more likely than women” to want the stereotypical life of love at first sight, settling down and starting a family.

In short, the men may not be the commitment-phobes that they are often made out to be. Quite the contrary, in fact, today’s women seem to be more focused on being self-reliant and self-sufficient, seeking less to settle down and focusing more on their own independence.

Roles are reversing in today’s world. The modern woman wants success in life and is more picky when it comes to settling down with a mate. Furthermore, TV and movies like ‘Sex and the City’ have romanticized being single and focusing on one’s self, one’s relationships with friends rather than on relationships with male counterparts.

Women today are looking for self-satisfaction rather than stability and commitment, which appears to be more appealing to today’s men.

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