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Billy Ray Cyrus Reconciling With Wife, Stops Divorce Process

According to Los Angeles Times, Billy Ray Cyrus has filed court documents to stop the legal divorce proceeding from his wife of 17 years, Tish. Cyrus filed papers in Williamson County, Tennessee and stating in the petition “The parties are attempting reconciliation.”
The actor / country singer then announced on The View that he is no longer splitting from Tish. The couple has five children together, including superstar Miley Cyrus. Miley is the only adult child. Cyrus stated he wanted his family back together.
Cyrus also made a point to correct his earlier statements about Disney and Hannah Montana. Miley became famous after starring as the lead role in Hannah Montana, with Billy Ray making frequent appearances. Cyrus in earlier interviews soon after his divorce blamed the show for breaking up his family, saying they were unable to handle the spotlight and burden of fame.
The divorce petition seemed to tear apart the father daughter duo. Cyrus admitted to Good Morning America that he was not as close to his daughter as he once was. Miley seemed to take a bad turn during the divorce: she was seen drinking in a foreign country and smoking a questionable substance in the U.S. Cyrus agreed that he needed to be a better parent and not just a friend to Miley, but also his other children.
The star was happy to report that his family is making amends and is communicating better, and that he no longer blames the popular Disney show for destroying his family.

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