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Brenda Dickson’s Divorce Case Resembles a Soap Opera

According to KITV, Honolulu, the former “Young and the Restless” star Brenda Dickson cannot seem to settle her divorce. The star’s seven-year divorce is starting to look like a real life soap opera.

The Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that the first trial was unfair to Dickson. During her divorce proceedings, Dickson was shown on television giving a “heil Hitler” salute to her ex-husband, Jan Weinberg, and Judge Darryl Choy. The judge had ordered Dickson to spend several weeks in jail for refusing to turn over her Beverly Hills apartment to her ex-husband.

The judge held a trial over property division. Weinberg missed the pretrial hearing, his divorce lawyer called him to remind him of the appointment but Weinberg stated he was out of the country. He then refused to provide his exact location, forcing the judge to issue a warrant. The judge ordered the trial to behind this week as scheduled. Weinberg missed all three days of the trial and the judge issued a $300,000 warrant for his arrest if he returns to Hawaii.

Dickson alleges that her ex-husband drained their bank accounts and fled.

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