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Denton County Jury Finds Charles Stobaugh Guilty of Murdering Ex-Wife

According to Dallas News, a Texas man has been found guilty of murdering his wife just one day before their divorce was finalized.

Charles Stobaugh’s wife, Kathy, disappeared in 2004, less than 24 hours before the finalization of their divorce.

According to Kathy’s brother, Chris Munday, many people were involved in the search for his sister.

Kathy Stobaugh married Charles when she was 23. Eventually, she decided to go back to college and began teaching. According to prosecutor Susan Piel, Kathy had evolved, “she changed the terms of their marriage. She told him the man doesn’t always have to be in charge.”

According to multiple testimonies, Kathy was afraid of her husband. So afraid, in fact, that she had a safety plan in place for herself and her children for when her husband was to be served with the divorce papers.

Kathy and Charles met on December 29th, 2004 on a farm to discuss the pending divorce. She disappeared that same night.

Prosecutor added that evidence proved that Mr. Stobaugh had been lying to investigators. Prosecutor adds that Mr. Stobaugh knew that he would lose half of everything, including half of his farm and that he would be required to pay her for half of the value of the farm equipment.

Mr. Stobaugh’s defense attorney stated that the state had no real evidence to prove that Kathy was indeed dead, rather they have only proved that she is missing.

Under Texas law, circumstantial evidence is enough to convict a defendant even if no body has been found.

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