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Divorce Rates Increase in Rural America

According to Los Angeles Times, divorce, once rare in rural America, is becoming more common. In the 1970s, the rate of divorce in rural areas looked like the rest of America in the 1910s. Due to society changes, divorce rates in metro areas and non-metro areas are essentially the same.

Iowa County has 28,000 residents, mostly churchgoers, and previously divorce was simply not done in the area. However, with more women in the work force and a bit of modernity, the area’s been swept up by divorce by nearly sevenfold since 1970. Census data shows that divorce rate is still less than the national average but has had a sharp incline which indicates a fundamental change in the patterns of family life.

Rural families appear to be going through an incredible fundamental transformation, according a sociology professor at Cornell University. Women are going to work, autonomy is growing and it has re-arranged the order of traditional families. With changing values the stigma of divorce is easing.

It appears that rates of divorce have changed in households with only a high school diploma. In areas such as Sioux County previous data showed that high school sweethearts were more likely to remain married. Changing trends show that is not necessarily the case today, divorce and mental illness are no longer taboo topics. Today in rural areas more women than men have college degrees and there are not just 14 married people to every divorced person, compared to 52 married people to 1 divorce person from earlier recorded data.

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