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Facebook Named in One Out of Five Divorces

According to San Diego News, a recent survey by the AAML shows Facebook-related actions fuel one in five U.S divorces. Facebook shot its way to the top of Social Media, with 600 million users and its easy ways of getting in touch with friends, ex-lovers and extramarital interests. Facebook has its good uses too, the social network can help families and friends reunite or it can help someone get rid of an old couch. However, it may also help get rid of a marriage.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers polled a number of divorce lawyers and found that one in five divorces claimed Facebook took part in dissolution of marriage. Specifically, lawyers responded that clients had affairs and other extramarital activity on social media.

According to a clinical psychologist, it is easier for people to fall in love if they communicate with someone frequently. Facebook allows frequent contact, sometimes for hours and hours a day through its instant chat and private message features. Facebook also allows opportunity and temptation, which then turns into an affair.

Some experts claim Facebook opens people to curiosity, where they find an old fling or classmate and start to wonder if there is unfinished business. They may not have intentions to ruin marital bliss but curiosity has killed the cat on many occasions.

Divorce lawyers have gone as far as advising clients to provide their Facebook pages and to avoid posting information on their accounts during divorce proceedings, as a judge may allow it as evidence in divorce court.

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