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Frank McCourt Dodges Divorce Dispute Questions

According to ESPN, embattled Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt avoided media questions about his divorce proceedings in his first interview Friday since the start of spring training. McCourt was granted a divorce from Jamie, but the former couple’s final divorce settlement includes resolving the dispute of who owns the LA Dodgers.

McCourt declined to comment on the Dodger’s unsettled ownership issues. Instead, he said the charity game was a place to discuss the victims of the January 8 Tucson shooting and how to raise funds in the memory of the victims for the families and the community. McCourt said that discussing his divorce and legal proceedings would be a disrespectful thing to do during the charity baseball event.

McCourt promised to address the ownership situation at a later date. His attorneys are engaged in settlement discussions with his ex-wife, aimed at resolving the ownership situation and other divorce matters. If the parties do not reach a settlement, the court will be left to decide whether the team should be considered community property. The dispute has caused a serious financial concern to the franchise, with some doubting that McCourt can hold on to the team for a long haul. The franchise reportedly has a stiff debt to manage without having to possibly finance a divorce settlement. McCourt is so far refusing to sell a share of the team, and rejected a proposal in which Fox would have loaned him $200 million.

If no settlement agreement is in place, it is expected the court would have to make a decision on the Dodgers ownership after the end of this season.

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