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Man Unfriends First Wife on Facebook, Faces Polygamy Charges

According to Albuquerque Express, Richard Leon Barton unfriended his wife on Facebook and the whole world noticed that he was a polygamist – landing him in a lot of legal trouble. Barton skipped out on his first wife, a Rhode Island resident, but still managed to stay friends with her on the social network site. The wife became suspicious when she noticed Barton removed her as a friend of his on Facebook. She poked around and found wedding photos of Barton and his new wife on the website.

Facebook and other social network websites are usually blamed for ending marriages and affairs. While this is certainly an end of another marriage, it is a beginning of a new, but unlawful, one as well. Studies have found a recent trend of Facebook-related divorces. Some divorce lawyers have gone as far as including Facebook pages and conversations as evidence in court cases.

Barton’s first wife called the police after she found wedding photo albums on his Facebook page but also on Barton family member’s Facebook pages. She said that they were married in 2004 in Rhode Island but Barton had a serious of legal troubles and parole violations. He was sent to Michigan for a prison sentence but was paroled. The wedded couple kept corresponding through letters and discussed a divorce but never acted on the conversations. His second wife firmly believed Barton was legally divorced from his first wife. Thanks to Facebook, Barton was arrested and charged with polygamy, a four-year felony, potentially bad news for a repeat offender.

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