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Naples Man Charged With a Felony for Child Custody Interference

According to RSW 2 of Florida, a Naples man accused of kidnapping his son and interfering with child custody was brought back to Lee County. Neil Little faces charges of interference with child custody and contempt of court violation probation, stemming from an original domestic violence charge. Neil has been charged with a third-degree felony count in relation to interference with custody.

Neil and Shannon Little shared custody of their son since their 2010 divorce. Little picked up his son for his regularly scheduled weekend visitation but learned the following Sunday that a judge had issued a civil warrant for his arrest for allegedly failing to follow certain stipulation of the divorce order. Instead of dropping his son off, he took off to Michigan. The United States Marshals Service located him and the child in Wolverine, Michigan.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children asked the Marshals Service to assist in locating Neil Little, reporting he had access to large amounts of cash and was traveling throughout the United States with the child. Officials had concerns about this case as Neil was diagnosed with a terminal cancer and was believed to not be taking his medication. Officials had concerns over Neil’s ability to properly care for the minor due to his health issues and the fact that he had no close relatives to help care for the son.

The son was found to be in good condition and has been reunited with his mother. Neil was booked into the Lee County Jail.

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