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Prince Owes Divorce Lawyers $700,000, Lawsuit Alleges

It is not easy being the Artist Formerly Known as Prince or Prince, as he is known these days. According to New York Daily News, Prince owns a whole lot of money to a law firm, which represented the musician in several cases, including several divorces.

A New York law firm is suing Prince for more than $700,000, claiming the musician owes legal fees. The legal team represented the megastar in several divorces and other legal cases. Prince married Mayte Garcia in 1996 and divorced in 1999. He then married Manuela Testolini in 2001, who later filed for divorce in 2006. He is currently in a relationship with Bria Valente.

The law firm represented Prince in several legal cases in California, New York and even Ireland. According to court documents, the artist only paid $125,000 of the total for the firm’s legal services. The case in New York was against a perfume company that sued Prince for failing to promote “3121”, a scent inspired by Prince and packaged in a purple box. In Beverly Hills, Prince faced a lawsuit over a rented mansion. The property owner had alleged that Prince ruined the property and rent issues. Another California lawsuit dealt with concerts canceled by Prince in Dublin and California.

The lawsuit names Nelson Parties and Prince Roger Nelson, which is Prince’s full name.

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