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Scott Austin Divorce Records Finally Revealed

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the 2001 divorce records regarding Rep. Austin Scott and his then-wife Anna Leigh Jordan (Annette Leigh Scott,) were finally revealed on February 15th, 2011. The Macon Telegraph was given the first look over the documents.

According to the Telegraph, the previously sealed documents “contain charges and countercharges but provide little evidence to confirm or support [the] claims.”

Scott took office in January and represents the 8th Congressional District. Amy Morton, a Democrat party activist, requested back in September of 2010 for the divorce documents to be unsealed.

According to the documents, Rep. Scott alleged that his wife was abusing alcohol as well as prescription medications.

A psychiatric evaluation that was filed on behalf of Ms. Jordan stated that her husband had “strange, erratic [and] inconsistent behavior.” The evaluation also states that he was suffering from mood swings and had begun using alcohol to escape realities.

The 268 page documents do not state that physical abuse or misconduct had occurred.

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