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Tony Hawk Files for Divorce From Third Wife

According to the Bleacher Report, Tony Hawk is divorcing his third wife Lhotse Merriam for his best friend’s estranged wife, Cathy. Hawk married his third wife in 2006, the couple announced their decision to divorce in February, 2011. The couple has a minor daughter together.

Matt Goodman, Hawk’s best friend, gave an interview to a tabloid about his ongoing divorce from Cathy and her recent hookup with Hawk. Goodman says he is not at all upset by Hawk’s decision to date Cathy. Goodman filed for divorce a year ago and according to him, the pro skater started dating his estranged wife seven months ago. However, seven months ago – Hawk was still married to Lhotse, suggesting that this started off as a marital affair. Everyone is trying to get along and keep friendships intact, claims Matt.

Montreal Gazette reports that Lhotse found an airplane ticket purchased by Hawk for himself and Cathy, and that the skater’s wife had no knowledge of the planned trip. Cathy and Tony planned to take a trip to San Francisco. Shortly after discovering the affair, Lhotse found out that her husband filed to dissolve their marriage.

Hawk confirms he is now dating Cathy Goodman and that he has moved on with his life. Goodman and Hawk also had a business partnership in previous years. The men were also groomsmen at each others weddings.

The skateboarding king married his first wife Cindy Dunbar in 1990, they had a son and divorced in 1993. He then followed up with a marriage to Erin Lee in 1996. The couple had two sons but divorced in 2004.

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