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Vicki Gunvalson Lives With Husband During Divorce Proceedings

According to US Magazine, Vicki Gunvalson of the Real Housewives of Orange County is moving on during her divorce from her husband Donn, but the pair have found a way to live with each other. Gunvalson reports that five months after the divorce announcement, they remain under one roof. The couple married in 1994 but grew apart. The reality show covered the couple’s martial issues and vow renewals.

Vicki states she has no plans of reconciliations. The couple’s co-living is only because of divorce mediation and the fact that their finances remain joint. The couple still has joint assets and accounts. Don plans to move out within the next few months. Gunvalson finds the arrangement hard but says the couple co-exist peacefully and only wish each other well.

Vicki announced to Don her desire to file for divorce after a family argument in their home. Previously, the couple went six weeks without speaking. Throughout the reality show, Vicki was shown as a career woman, a workaholic with very poor communication with her husband.

A divorce mediator does not give legal advice and does not suggest any type of evaluation to one spouse
to the detriment of the other. A mediator helps resolve disputes and finds a common ground during divorce proceedings.

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