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Women in Military More Likely to Divorce

According to the US Navy Seals Blog, marriages of women in the US military are more likely to end in divorce. Women in the military face many challenges, battles and war, but they also confront challenging times on the home front. Recent Pentagon statistics found that marriages of women in the military are found to be more than twice as likely to end in divorce as those of the men in military service. Enlisted women are at higher risk, three times as likely to face divorce.

The same report finds that military women face divorce at higher rates compared to women outside of service. Men in military have lower divorce rates than civilian men.

The report suggest that 7.8 percent of women in service went through a divorce last year, compared to 3 percent of military men. Enlisted females had a divorce rate of 9 percent last year, compared to 3 percent for enlisted males in the military.

Genevieve Chase, founder of American Women Veterans, hears complaints from women in the military on how their civilian husbands do not understand their career or its demands.

Another study published by the Navy Times found that female veterans are more likely to suffer from mental health conditions and less likely to benefit from military benefits available to them due to these conditions. The study showed that female service members who return from Iraq or Afghanistan are more likely to be diagnosed with conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries and depressing. Female service members are prone to suffer major depression and have a harder time transitioning back to civilian life after serving in combat, the study suggests.

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