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Divorce Wars Looks if Divorces of Super Rich Are Any Different

According to the Wall Street Journal, celebrity divorces may be different from regular divorces, especially when there are millions of dollars a stake. Airing on CNBC, show called “Divorce Wars” is a documentary about breakups among the incredibly rich – and their drag-out fights in the divorce court.

The documentary features such figures as Justine Musk, who divorced Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal. Elon filed for divorce in 2008, after he left a message with their marital therapist that he was filing legal paperwork. Justine is challenging the validity of a post-nuptial agreement she signed six weeks into their marital bliss. In their post-nuptial agreement, everything the couple acquired before and after their wedding was separate property and would not be community property in the event of divorce.

Musk claims she trusted her husband at the time she signed the document. Elon has criticized his ex-wife for discussing their divorce in public.

The show is hosted by CNBC’s Melissa Francis, who finds that super-rich divorces are not that different from breakups between folks who do not earn as much money. Francis says that these breakups and divorce fights stem from the same exact emotions that everyone, including less wealthy, people have such as a sense of betrayal, abandonment or humiliation.

Francis says that all 50 states now have no fault divorce, which means even if a spouse strays it does not matter in the eyes of the court. It is also easier for the court to find assets and secret stashes of cash, as everything is kept on electronic records these days. Francis advises people of all earning capacities to not open secret accounts or buy and hide assets from a divorce court, as it may make a judge feel quite unsympathetic.

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