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Eerie Judge Must Decide If a Hoax Marriage Return Means Legal Marriage

According to the Greenfield Reporter, an Erie judge must decide if a sham marriage was real enough or if the hoax marriage license should be voided. Timothy Booth and Myra King applied for a marriage license in 1999. They filled out all the paperwork correctly and received a marriage license which typically needs to be filled out by a minister and returned to the Marriage Bureau in order to become valid.

The couple returned the marriage license – filled out in purple Magic Marker and containing a fake church and fake minister’s signature. The hoax marriage license listed the First Baptist Church of Erie – which does not exist, and Minister James Knight as the wedding’s minister – who also does not exist. The couple testified in front of a judge that they wanted to get married but then decided not to, but King apparently went ahead and mailed out a marriage certificate anyway.

King testified that he heard from friends that King sent in a marriage return. He asked King about it who replied that it was a joke and that she would take care of it. Booth did not press the issue further until now when he is trying to legally marry another woman but cannot do so without getting a divorce. Booth claims he should not have to file for a divorce since he was never married in the first place and no wedding took place. King argued that the couple has a 10 year old daughter and that Booth gave her a ring, which to her symbolized that they were married.

A clerk testified in front of the judge about King’s call to the Bureau saying that the return was a joke and that the couple did not get married. The clerk spoke with her supervisor, who said to file the return – thus making the marriage between King and Booth officially legal.

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