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Frank McCourt Sued Over Divorce Document

According to NBC Sports, Frank McCourt’s divorce problems are far from gone. A former law firm that had represented him in his overdrawn divorce has filed a lawsuit against him, seeking declaration that they did no wrong. The issue is over a document that put the ownership of Dodgers into a serious jeopardy, when McCourt was so close to finalizing his divorce and keeping the sole ownership of the team.
The firm admitted in their court filing that their lawyer was tasked with making a document that gave Frank sole ownership of the Dodgers and Jamie the houses. The lawyer made a mistake with exhibits to the document, allowing an executed copy to float around and list the Dodgers as community property. When the lawyer realized his mistake, he did not destroy the wrong copy and file the correct version, instead he just switched the exhibits, resulting in multiple and conflicting documents to exist. This error gave McCourt’s ex-wife a right to claim a stake in the Dodger’s ownership and potentially costing their former client millions of dollars.
The law firm said the mistake was just a scrivener’s error but the real reason behind McCourt’s undoing is that he is a bad baseball owner. While McCourt may have made business decisions for the team, it is highly unlikely the document was his fault. Without the document drawn up by one of his former lawyer, McCourt would have been in the clear and had his divorce finalized. Instead, it appears the case will keep dragging on and jeopardizing the future of the team.

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