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Kate Talks About Her Ex-Husband Jon Gosselin

According to US Magazine, Kate Gosselin has been on a “half a date” since her divorce from Jon Gosselin. The Gosselin matriarch told Matt Lauer that it has been nearly two years since her split from Jon, and that she finally feels like she has her life back together.

The mother of eight admits that looking for love is different than when she was younger. When people are single, they do not have as much baggage and issues, says Kate. Her biggest problem in the dating field is that she simply has no time – after all, she does have eight kids.

Gosselin says it is easier for her ex-husband to date and have a life, as he currently has custody of the children two weekends a month.

After a public spectacle, the former couple has finally come to terms with their relationship and remain cordial to one another. Kate says that she has come to terms with her ex and is actually happy for him. She has put aside bad feelings resulting from Jon’s affairs and subsequent behavior after the divorce filing.

Kate fought to have her children return to the popular TV show chronicling the life of a family with eight children. Jon’s opposition to children filming was one of the main reasons Kate had bad feelings towards him. After all, her public image fed her family and was her only source of income at the time.

Kate says she is happy that Jon has a new career focus, but does say she wishes he would see his kids more often. Still, this former couple has come a long way and it is good to see them forming a constructive co-parenting union.

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