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Michael Douglas’ Ex-Wife’s Second Attempt to Collect Movie Earnings

According to the New York Post, Michael Douglas’ ex-wife has resumed her bid to claim her stake in his Wall Street: Money Never Sleep earnings. Diandra Douglas is seeking half of the actor’s earnings from the 2010 film.
Recently, Diandra requested to have the case heard in New York and a judge disagreed. Diandra has again requested the Manhattan judge reconsider his decision and allow the case to be heard in California, where the couple divorced in 2000 and earnings are considered community property.
Diandra received more than $51 million from the divorce after 23 years of marriage. However, she has criticized what she believes is mudslinging by the press and Douglas’ legal team. The couple’s multi-million divorce allows Diandra a share of proceeds related to work the actor did when they were married. She argues this should allow the sequel to Wall Street to be included in her fair stake.
The 1987 Oliver Stone film won Douglas an Oscar and made a quote popular that “greed is good.” Douglas’ attorney say greed is behind Diandra’s claim, as she received about $75 million in total from the actor. Diandra claims she has lost money due to Berne Madoff’s Ponzi scheme and that is why she is so hard pressed on collecting additional earnings from the actor.

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