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MLB Takes Control of the Dodgers, McCourt Divorce in Further Limbo

According to TMZ, Frank and Jamie McCourt’s ongoing divorce has taken yet another ugly turn. The Internal Revenue Service is investigating finances surrounding the LA Dodgers as well as McCourt’s personal financial dealings. TMZ reports that its sources have shared information that in the wake of Commissioner Bud Selig’s announcement that the MLB has taken over the financial operations of the team, the IRS triggered an investigation into a number of disclosures in the McCourt divorce.

The former couple has been dealing with the fallout of several court document filings, including one document that placed the ownership of the Dodgers in serious jeopardy. McCourt thought he would get a clean divorce and keep the sole ownership of the team, until his wife managed to convince the court that the team may be considered community property. A judge is yet to rule if the team is indeed community property of if McCourt will get to keep the Dodgers all to himself.

Meanwhile, the IRS is looking into a disclosure that the McCourts took $145 million from the team and paid no taxes, and that their children have drawn a salary from the team without making any services to justify the payments.

Jamie McCourt issued a statement that she has nothing to hide and that her husband is the one to blame for driving the team into the ground. McCourt further stated that she is the 50% owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and that she welcomes the Commissioner’s decision to change the direction of the franchise.

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