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Richie Farmer Responds to Wife’s Divorce Petition

According to the Kentucky Courier Journal, the state Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer has filed a response to a divorce petition by Farmer’s estranged wife, Rebecca Ann Farmer. It is the first response the Commissioner has made in regards to the divorce filing. Farmer denied his wife’s claim that the marriage is irretrievably broken and asked the Franklin Family Court to dismiss the divorce petition.

As an alternative, Farmer’s filing suggests that the parties receive joint custody of their three sons with a reasonable timesharing schedule and that he couple’s assets be equitably divided. Farmer asked if the judge does not dismiss the petition for him to be assigned all of his non-marital property, while debt and assets are equally split.

Rebecca Farmer’s petition said the couple split up on April 3. Farmer asked the court to order her husband to pay her legal costs, saying she has been a stay-at-home mother throughout their 13 years of marriage and that her estranged husband controls the family finances. She is also seeking child support, maintenance and household expenses to be paid by her husband while the divorce is pending. She claimed that she has had limited access to finances, and that her net monthly income as a teacher’s aide is less than $1,000 a month. Farmer is a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. He is the running made of state Senate President David Williams, who is seeking the GOP nomination. According to state data, Farmer receives $110,346 a year as the Commissioner.

Rebecca Farmer provided no reason for her divorce filing, and so fair both parties have declined to comment.

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