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Sangeeta Mann Files for Divorce from Husband Convicted of Car Bombing

According to KSPR, Sangeeta Mann has filed for divorce from Randeep Mann, an Indian-born doctor convicted in a bombing that nearly killed the Arkansas Medical Board’s chief. Mann filed Tuesday and no court date has been set.

Mann filed for a no-fault divorce because the couple has been separated for more than 18 months without cohabitation. Sangeeta was convicted on two obstruction charges in the bombing case. The court has allowed her to remain free while she appeals her convictions.

Randeep Mann is serving a life in prison sentence for the 2009 bombing that injured Dr. Trent Pierce at his West Memphis home. Mann was upset that Pierce lead the board that revoked his medical license to prescribe narcotics after several overdose deaths.

Mann planted a car bomb in Pierce’s driveway and was out for revenge. Pierce lost some of his sight and hearing, and was left badly scarred. The Manns attorneys maintain their clients’ are innocent and have appealed their convictions. The Pierce family filed a civil suit against Mann, seeking restitution of $1.7 million.

Sangeeta faced charges of obstruction after federal investigators claimed she had hid evidence and got in the way of the investigation. In recorded jail phone calls, the couple was caught discussing removing documentation from his medical clinic and acknowledging registration problems with several firearms.

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