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Stephanie Seymour Calls off Divorce

According to Showbiz Spy, Stephanie Seymour has called off her divorce from husband Peter Brant. The supermodel says they are undergoing intensive therapy sessions as they attempt to rebuild their relationship. The couple split in 2009 and turned to nasty court battles in order to hash out details of their separation and child custody arrangements. The couple has three minor children together.

The court ordered both parties to undergo random drug testing, while Seymour accused Brant of spying on her. Last year the couple decided to reconcile and to give their marriage another try.

Seymour said that after several therapy sessions, they found that their spat was being fueled by their legal teams and that things improved once communication lines opened up. She said that court battles were all about winning and not healing, and that their legal teams pushed for as many wins as possible.

The best moment, a peace offering, came when Seymour gave her billionaire husband a cherished memento back during the legal proceedings. She returned his Navajo blanket, from there the lines opened up and so did the healing process.

Seymour married Brant in 1995 and have three children together: Peter, 17, Harry 13, and Lily 6. Seymour is well known in the modeling industry for her work with Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Victoria’s Secret and Guns ‘N’ Roses videos such as “Don’t Cry” and “November Rain.”

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