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Charlie Sheen Brooke Mueller Divorce Finalized

According to Eonline!, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s divorce has been finalized. In what must be a joyous day for both, the couple’s divorce was made official Monday, six months after the initial divorce petition was filed.

Brook and Charlie have not behaved gracefully. The couple’s turmoil became public after an incident during a Christmas vacation in Aspen, Colorado in 2009. Brooke accused Charlie of domestic violence and threatening her with a knife. Charlie plead in the case and receive what some call an incredibly light slap on the wrist.

Since then, the couple has been in and out of divorce court over child custody, as they share two minor sons together. Additionally, both have had stints in rehab for various issues and each side has accused the other of drug and alcohol use.

Charlie has made a point to take Brooke to court for full custody of their two-year-old twin boys after it was made public that she may have started taking drugs again.

Thankfully for their children, both have agreed to take random drug tests as part of their divorce agreement. Now that this much public divorce had been finalized, Brooke will receive $55,000 a month in child support and the couple will share custody of their twins. Brooke will maintain physical custody while Charlie receives visitation rights.

The divorce agreement also stated that Brooke will receive a one time sun of $757,698.70 in addition to $1 million in exchange for Charlie keeping their former home.

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