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Divorce Could Cost Arnold Schwarzenegger At Least $100 Million

According to The Chicago Sun Times, divorce is the likely course for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. This week reports came out that Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a mistress, who was a former help in the household, which came as a complete surprise to his wife of 25 years. Shriver has since hired a divorce lawyer, according to news sources.

It is shocking and very sad to hear about the collapse of Arnold and Maria’s marriage which has continued to generate intense interest from national media and readers. Maria has hired a celebrity divorce lawyer which leads some to speculate that she has reluctantly decided that her marriage is so irreparably broken that divorce is the only course of action.

Schwarzenegger has an enormous fortune from his successful career as an actor, businessman and politician. Some have speculated that Arnold’s fortune is over $200 million and Shriver herself has a fortune from the Kennedy family trust. California’s community property laws say assets get divided between the couple, which means Shriver may walk away with at least $100 million if she proceeds with divorce. Twenty five years of marriage means the couple has had time to build a fortune and multi-millions of dollars in assets, further suspecting that the couple will face a big battle in divorce court.

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