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Happily Married Couple Considers Divorce to Save Wife’s Life

Terri and Dave Watkins, a couple happily married for nearly 30 years, are now considering a divorce. And even to a seasoned Houston divorce attorney the reason is rare – to save money and Terri’s life. Two years ago, doctors diagnosed Terri with a rare form of cirrhosis, which prevents her body from producing enough protein to rid it of dangerous toxins. The only solution is for Terri to get a liver transplant.

But, the couple found out that their insurance would not cover the transplant. Dave’s employer had recently changed insurance policies. As the insurance company labels the transplant an elective operation, the new policy would only cover $50,000 of the transplant. Expected costs for a liver transplant typically approach $500,000.

A social worker suggested a startling alternative to the couple – a divorce. If Terri were single, because she is unable to work, she would become eligible for disability and welfare benefits. The government would cover the cost of her transplant. The financial impact of a divorce is an important consideration for which a Houston divorce lawyer can provide more information.

The couple has not yet made a decision, though the two prefer not to divorce. Friends and family members are organizing fundraisers to raise money for Terri’s operation. The Watkins’ dilemma illustrates the contractual side of marriage, where financial and, in this case, health considerations play an important role in deciding whether and when to marry or divorce.

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