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Jesse James Says Divorce Caused By His Insecurities In Marriage

According to OK Magazine, Jesse James admitted to his former wife that he had cheated on her during their marriage. In a new book titled American Outlaw, James says he felt trapped by his marriage to Sandra Bullock and that is what caused him to stray away from his vows. James described the moment he admitted to Bullock that he had cheated. Bullock cried in his office and then walked out the door and out of James’ life.

James says the couple no longer speak. Their divorce has been finalized and Bullock has adopted a child by herself. The baby, Louie, was in the process of being adopted by the couple. However, after cheating allegations became public, Bullock decided to divorce and purpose the adoption on her own.

James says that adopting the baby was something he really wanted. Even after Bullock decided to become a single parent, James had hoped to remain close to the baby he had formed a bond with. The motorcycle genius packed up his children and moved to Austin, Texas, in hopes of being closer to Bullock and the child. Bullock rejected the idea, causing James to go through what he describes as crying over the situation. Eventually, James decided to stop crying and to start taking care of three children he did have, all from previous marriages.

James said that adultery was his way of retaliating in a marriage that was focused around his very successful wife, who was at the time in the running for an Oscar. James felt trapped, and perhaps like a second class citizen, in a relationship where so much press was focused on Bullock. James considered turning his back on his bike shop, but said he could not because it would reflect negatively on his wife in the press, and bring her unnecessary backlash. He also said that he had to act civilized and not himself, because his former wife was a woman of class and what he described as far more accomplished than James.

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