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Jon Gosselin Says He’s Happy to be Divorced From Kate

According to Hollywood Life, Jon Gosselin is enjoying his life after divorcing from ex-wife Kate Gosselin. In the past weeks, Kate gave an interview where she said she has found a better ground with her ex-husband. While she wished he was able to see the kids more, Kate said that things are not as bad as they used to be between the former couple. Jon seems to have a different idea about their divorce, as he says the split from Kate is the “best thing that ever happened to him.”

Jon described his In Touch interview as the very last he’s interested in giving. He has settled into a normal life with his girlfriend of over one year, Ellen Ross. According to Jon, Ellen is not interested in a celebrity life or the TV. It suits him just fine, as he implies that his ex-wife only sought the spotlight and drama.

Jon calls his new girlfriend great and finds that the pair complements each other very well. He does not watch Kate or his eight kids on their reality TV show, saying that he stopped watching everything after he left his short-lived TV reality career and his bitter public divorce. As for Kate, he calls it her life and does not have anything to say about it.

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