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Living Together Increasingly Preferred to Marriage

Research from the Census Bureau shows a change in the rates of divorce in the United States in recent years. The number of couples currently married has moved slightly up from numbers 15 years ago. Divorce rates across all age groups have fallen about five percentage points since 1996.

According to at least one pollster, divorce has much less of a stigma attached to it than in years past, perhaps a result of a seemingly constant stream of media reports on celebrity divorces such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, Tiger Woods’s and John Edwards’s. The pollster reported that there no longer seems to be any stigma associated with divorced, that it seems to be more of a rite of passage these days.

One important changing demographic is the percentage of people choosing to remain single for longer or to move in with someone else without getting married. Nearly half of all women aged 25 to 29 reports having never been married, a large increase since 1986 when the number was 26 percent. This is particularly true for adults with more education and income, as they have increasingly preferred cohabitation to marriage. For those who do get married and bring significant assets and wealth to the union, a Texas prenuptial agreement is often a good idea.

Despite the shift in trends impacting divorce, many of the same legal protections are available. For instance, a cohabitation agreement may be able to protect the property of those living together in the same way that a prenuptial agreement does. A Houston prenuptial agreement attorney can provide additional information on protecting assets in a relationship.

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