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Longer Commutes Lead to More Divorces

A new study out of Sweden reported that, for couples where at least one spouse has a long commute, the chances of divorce skyrocket. The divorce rates for such couples jump as much as 40 percent, the study found. A Houston divorce lawyer can provide additional information on common reasons leading to divorce.

The commute relates to several issues that affect a couple’s marriage. When the husband has to drive a long way to work, it may mean that the wife has to find work closer to home so that she can take care of the children and handle household chores. Finding work closer to home may limit the wife’s options and force her to take a less fulfilling job, resulting in unhappiness. A spouse seeking options relating to divorce can learn more from a Houston divorce attorney.

Commuting also means time that a couple or family does not have to spend together. The average commute time for Americans is about 25 minutes. Over the course of a year, that means 100 hours devoted simply to driving to work, at the expense of spending time with family or one’s spouse. Workers in the most urban areas (for example, certain areas of New York City and the suburbs of D.C.) have it even worse, with some facing a commute of 40 minutes each way.

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