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Man Kills Wife and Parents, Upset Over Pending Divorce

According to KWTX, Jose Antonio Lopez, 29, killed his wife and her parents Sunday night and then died himself during a high-speed chase on Interstate 35. The local police say Lopez was upset over his pending divorce from Kay Lopez.

Williamson County sheriff’s officials say Lopez may have swerved to avoid tire deflation spikes when he fatally crashed into an unoccupied police vehicle. It is unclear if Lopez crashed his vehicle intentionally.

Officers were in pursuit of Lopez, who was attempting to escape from police after he was spotted near the home where the shootings occurred. Kay Lopez, 27, and her parents, Pat McLean and Deena McLean, were killed in the McLean family home. Thee other people, including a 1-year-old child, were in the home at the time but managed to escape from the gunman.

The neighbors remembered the victims as a quiet family and respectful neighbors who were determined to help their daughter who was in the process of ending her unhappy marriage. Barbara and Lee Leepers heard a noise but never associated them with gunshots, as it is not something that occurs in their neighborhood.

Lopez was living with her parents while going through a divorce with her one-year-old child. Kay and Jose Lopez married September 2005. Kay did not have a protective order against her husband, even though they were going through a bitter divorce with reported family violence between Jose and her relatives. Houston divorce lawyer recommends a restraining order for victims of domestic violence who are going through a divorce.

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