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McCourt Says Public Divorce Lead to Baseball Team’s Problems

According to The LA Times, Frank McCourt’s financial troubles did not come from his divorce – but from how he ran the Dodgers. No one likes to a see a couple divorce, regardless of how they may act as owners of a team. McCourt made a comment in his New York press conference that the circumstances and ordeal came as a result of a much publicized divorce. The baseball team owner acted as if all his Major League Baseball troubles were because of his divorce.

McCourt said in his statement that it was un-American for somebody’s property to be seize unlawfully. This country has core values and fairness is one of them, transparency is another. McCourt said it is not proper for one person’s property to be seized by somebody else just because they got divorced.

The Dodgers owner also said that some of the comments he made came from frustration with his divorce and the very public nature of the divorce. McCourt felt that the MLB should not be concerned about how he will pay off his ex-wife Jamie McCourt when they finally reach a divorce settlement. The divorce is not the cause of MLB’s concern with McCourt, but it brought to light how badly he has mismanaged the team, said the Times. According to reports, the McCourts took $108 million from the Dodgers for their own personal use, including an extravagant lifestyle with seven mansions, a private jet and weekly $150 haircuts. McCourts also paid their sons $600,00 a year to work for the Dodgers, even though neither had any role with the team and both were employed with other companies.

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