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Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Announce Separation

According to Imperfect Parent, one of America’s power couples Maria Shriver and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have called it quits. It is unclear if the couple plans to divorce, as no papers have been filed with the courts. Still, the announcement blindsided the nation who thought of them as blissful and in love. However, close friends of the couple say Maria was stuck in an unhappy and unfulfilled marriage with thoughts of divorce for the past few years.

Shriver scaled back her prominent TV career to support her husband’s political ambitions. Schwarzeneggers terms was the governor of California was done and he had announced his return to his acting career while Maria appeared to have been left by the wayside. Shriver appeared distraught and lost in a recent YouTube video.

According to experts and Houston divorce lawyer, the baby boomer divorce trend is growing. The divorce rate of couples over 50 has climbed at an amazing rate in the last decade. Experts say that people are living longer, women are more career focused and children are leaving home. These factors are causing baby boomers to hit the empty-nest wall in droves and causing the divorce rate to spike.

Marriage is work even after twenty five years of wedded bliss. It is easy to fall into a routine or to start forgetting your spouse, which is what appears to be Shriver’s biggest complaint with her husband. As no divorce papers have been filed yet, perhaps the nation can hope that the couple can find a way to reconcile and grow together, instead of falling apart.

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