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Shriver and Schwarzenegger May Decide to Divorce; Will it Affect Child Custody?

According to The Huffington Post, many are speculating how Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s separation will affect their four kids. The pair have issued an announcement saying they continue to parent their four children together. Schwarzenegger’s first public appearance since the split also reiterated that the children remain their main focus. Still, the four children, ranging in age from 13 to 21, will surely have a difficult time ahead, including public interest and living in new arrangements. Shriver reportedly moved out of the couple’s home weeks ago.

Public celebrity divorces often discuss his and her point of view, plenty of bad mouthing and name calling. Very little attention is paid to how children cope during a public divorce or how the children’s relationships change with each other when parents divorce or remarry. In some divorce households, older siblings start to take care of the younger ones and take over the parenting role. While Arnold and Maria will undoubtedly place their children first, their children will still go through the emotional process or trying to figure out why their divorce happened or if anyone was to blame.

If Maria and Arnold decide to divorce, they will also have to go through the process of agreeing to terms of child custody, as some of their children are still minors. Will someone ask for primary custody or will they agree to joint child custody? It will be interesting to see if the children have any say in which parent they would prefer to live with or if their parents will make all the important decisions with the help of a divorce lawyer.

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