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Simon and Chana Taub to Divorce, Ordered to Sell Their Home

According to Gather, Simon and Chana Taub, the New York couple who split their home with a wall, are finally getting a divorce. Neither wanted to move out and spent more money in litigation over the house than the house itself is worth.

The Brooklyn couple’s epic divorce battle took six years but the settlement itself is sparking a new argument. A judge finalized the divorce of Simon and Chana Taub, after two trials and a ruined wedding of their daughter. Their brownstone on 49th Street was at the center of the disagreement. The couple set up a court-approved sheetrock divider in 2007 when both refused to move. According to a new agreement, the home must be sold and the profits split evenly, a judge decreed.

Chana Taub was angry with the judge’s order. According to Taub, the judge and her husband want the home and other marital properties sold. She is still living in the home with the couple’s children and her elderly father. She does not want a judge to throw her out or force a sale of the home, and plans to appeal.

The court order also ordered Simon to pay his ex about $1.5 million plus a $6,000 monthly stipend, but allows him to keep three other buildings he owns. The couple has three children together, with the youngest turning 21 in a few months. Thankfully, the court was spared having to rule on a custody agreement and child support.

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