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Company is First in World to Offer Divorce Insurance

A company in North Carolina is now offering divorce insurance that it dubs “WedLock.”  The insurance pays out after a policyholder divorces. Premiums for the divorce insurance cost $15.99 a month for a payout of $1,250. The maximum payout that a person can obtain is $250,000, which comes with monthly premiums of $3,198. Prenuptial agreements are a more common way to avoid financial problems associated with divorce. A Houston prenuptial agreement attorney can advise spouses on their options.

The CEO of the company came up with the idea after his own experience with divorce 10 years ago. He went through difficult financial times following the divorce and realized that many people face the same problems post-divorce. His company provides tools like a divorce probability calculator to help people decide whether divorce insurance is a good idea.

To discourage people from taking advantage of the insurance, the company requires policyholders to pay the divorce premiums for four years before the policy will pay out. The company provides options if a spouse suspects that he or she will divorce before the four years is up. Such spouses can add a $1 a month rider to their policy. A Houston prenuptial agreement is an alternative consideration for someone entering into marriage who is concerned about the effect that a divorce would have on his or her assets.

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