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Divorce Prompts Arizona Man’s Shooting Rampage

The 73-year-old Arizona man who went on a shooting rampage the first week in June appears to have targeted people associated with his divorce from his ex-wife, authorities believe. Carey Dyess drove around the Southwest Arizonan town near the Mexican border, tracking down his ex-wife and several others associated with her. By the end of the day, he had shot and killed his ex-wife whom he was divorced from in 2008, his ex-wife’s divorce attorney, and three friends of his ex-wife. He seriously injured another friend of his ex-wife.

Dyess had a history of spousal violence and disputes. The ex-wife whom Dyess killed this year was his third wife. 26 years earlier, Dyess divorced his second wife whom Dyess had threatened to kill. His second wife said Dyess told her that, unless she withdrew the divorce papers, she would not live to see any money. Dyess also threated her attorneys. Additional information on divorce and legal protections is available from a Houston divorce attorney.

There were other indications that Dyess had a violent nature. Dyess had a history of getting into disputes with his neighbors. One neighbor recalled his going from grandpa-like to combative after he believed the neighbor spooked one of Dyess’s horses. A Houston divorce lawyer can help a spouse manage the difficulties of divorce.

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