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Ex-Wife of Michael Douglas Seeks “Money Never Sleeps” Proceeds

The ex-wife of Michael Douglas continues to seek divorce settlement money 11 years after the divorce. Diandra Douglas is asking for proceeds from Douglas’s latest hit movie, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” the sequel to the 1987 movie “Wall Street.” Diandra Douglas and Michael divorced in 2000 after 23 years of marriage. A Houston divorce attorney can provide a spouse more details on the financial effects of divorce after being married for a long time.

Diandra filed her lawsuits in Manhattan, the wrong location according to the judge handling the matter. The New York Supreme Court Justice upheld an earlier decision that said that the California court maintains jurisdiction over Diandra and Michael’s divorce. The judge cited a clause in the divorce agreement that says that the California court has exclusive jurisdiction.

Diandra refuses to back down, however, and plans to appeal the latest decision. Her divorce from Michael entitles her to a 50/50 split of proceeds from projects spun off of ones that Michael did while the two were together. Diandra claims that this is why she should receive money from the latest “Wall Street” movie given that they were together at the time of the first one. Lawyers for Michael maintain that the new film is an entirely new one. A Houston divorce lawyer is available to advise a spouse regarding the terms of a divorce settlement.

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  1. Lawyer on June 28th, 2011

    Hey, thanks for writing about this. I hadn’t heard that Douglas and the ex were still fighting over the money. I thought that had all been settled.

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