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For Maria Shriver and Others Over 50, Divorce is Difficult

In Maria Shriver’s forthcoming divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger, the journalist and former first lady of California will face a difficult time that many other women in the country face each year – the difficulties of dealing with a divorce after 50. Most of these women have raised children and established a career, but, in the aftermath of a divorce, they now find themselves having to transition. A Houston divorce attorney can advise women over 50 on their options in the event of a divorce.

Shriver, aged 55, called what she is going through a “painful and heartbreaking time.”  Transition will be particularly difficult for Shriver, having been married to a man as famous and charismatic as Schwarzenegger. While she was involved with many charitable efforts on behalf of women and those in poverty, it was hard for anyone to escape Schwarzenegger’s shadow. Shriver was married to him for 25 years.

The division of assets for couples over the age of 50 who divorce can be troublesome, particularly for a couple as well-to-do as Shriver and Schwarzenegger. An older couple does not have as many years of earning potential ahead of them. Dividing shared assets may result in one spouse ending up in a difficult financial situation. A Texas prenuptial agreement is one way for couples to make responsible financial decisions heading into marriage.

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