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Kelsey Grammer Undergoing Bitter Divorce and New Marriage

Former star of the hit sitcoms “Cheers” and “Frasier,” Kelsey Grammer is finalizing a bitter divorce from his wife Camille Grammer. Camille even suspects that Kelsey may be using their oldest daughter to get confidential documents from Camille. More information on undergoing a divorce is available from a Houston divorce attorney.

The Grammers’ latest problem came about when Kelsey told his 27-year-old daughter and her new husband to stay Kelsey’s Hawaii estate. As soon as Camille found out about this plan, she and her lawyers rushed to court to prevent Kelsey’s daughter from using it. Camille claims that only she and their two young children have been spending time at the house. Kelsey, she says, has not been there in a long time.

Camille is worried that Kelsey’s daughter would have access to confidential documents at the house. The judge in the case ruled that both spouses would have to sign off on any third party’s use of one of their homes.

Kelsey and Camille’s marriage is the third of four for Kelsey. He was married to a dance instructor from 1982 to 1990. She is the woman with whom Kelsey had his first daughter who is involved in the above-mentioned dispute. Kelsey was married to a stripper for a year in 1992. Camille and Kelsey married in 1996. While finalizing divorce plans with Camille earlier in the year, Kelsey became engaged to and later married once again. A Houston divorce lawyer can provide legal advice on the effects of multiple marriages and divorces.

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